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Decade on Prapatti - Based on Desika Prabhandam "Adaikkala Patthu)"

Decade on Prapatti (Adaikkala Patthu) - An exquisite poem from Swamy Vedanta Desikan. This is a translation from Swamy Desika Prabhandam, which is an exquisite pasuram explaining the doctrines of prapatti.

This is also a transliteration in making an effort to bring the Pasurams as English Poems. Please bear with the standard of the language in this post, which is not so good when compared to other posts. ( Source )

Eligibility for surrender is ineligibility on other means

Devotion and others for me * never resulted in reach of God *
Wandered around and fell * like a feeble crow with no guard *
Higher among holy seven * Kacchi that rewards the heaven *
Mercy of Lord is huge * at Hastigiri I appealed for my refuge *

Like Devotion (Bhakthi), many means (Upaayam) are available to attain the Lord (Moksham). But none of them bear any fruit for me. I tried in vain like the crow (Kaka asuran) in all directions without any protector (Rakshakan), lost the energy, finally came and fell on Your feet. Seven holy places acclaim the title of “gateway to heaven” (moksham) and among them Kanchi (Kancheepuram) is the primary. Lord Perarullalar (Lord of great compassion and blessings) who resides in a small hill (Hastigri hill) in the town of Kanchi, I take Your feet as the only refuge (saranagathi) for me.

Eligibility for surrender is harbor less

Rank and riches of dreadheaded, * four faced deity and others *
Realize how ephemeral are they * when vanished by past deeds *
Never separated, Lord of Kacchi * from fragrant flowered Sree *
Resides at Hastigri * at His two feet, I reached out on my knee *

Power and wealth of Siva, Brahma and other deities (Other devadas) are limited in time and scope due to their past deeds (karma) and are evaporated accordingly. I realized when their position itself is shaky, what can they offer me? Lord at Kacchi who is never separated from pleasantly smelling garlanded Sri (Goddess Maha Lakshmi) is residing at Hastigiri. I reached His two lotus feet and surrendered (prapatti). Note: First two lines indicates that no other refuge (ananya gathithvam) is necessary.

Everyone is qualified for surrender

Those aware of the distinction * and not try other means *
Pursue prescribed rules of scripts * and elders’ wise words *
Lord at Hastigiri blesses * anyone surrenders, without bias *
None other than His divine attributes * I will praise in pious *

Surrenders who understand the intricate differences between devotion (Bhakthi yoga) and total surrender (prapatti) are determined not to try any other way (uppaayam) to attain the Lord, and those who follow the prescribed according to their birth right (varnaasrama dharmam), follow holy scripts (saastrams includes Vedas, smrithis, ithikasa and puranas) and learned people’s writings – guru (Alzwar, Aacharya writings) are blessed without any discrimination. Whoever surrenders to the Lord with the above mentioned practice of rituals, they will certainly attain the supreme abode (Moksham) at the end of this birth. I will not even look at anything else (Pray), other than that Hastigri Lord’s divine attributes which provides everything for the surrenders.

Surrender awards all fruits

Crow, noble demon, wife to five * and Kshethra bhandu *
Serpent, son, his son * and other angels in lower heaven *
You blessed them all * with enjoyment and elevated place *
Hastigiri Lord, inspired I * surrender at Your feet of grace *

Crow (Kakasura), noble demon (Vibeeshana from the raakshasa family), wife to five (Draupathi), Kshethra Bhandu, Serpent (Kaaliyan), Son (Brahmma), his son (Siva), and to other angels, Lord You have showered them with earthly pleasures and heavenly home (Moksham). Inspired on this, I have come to You, Hastigiri Lord; I surrender at Your lotus feet. Note: One of the difficult components in total surrender (Prappati angam) is unshakeable faith (Maha viswaasam). To strengthen that thought, several examples are shown.

Components of surrender

Perform to Your penchants * and abstain from any aversions *
Recognize relation and attributes * keep faith with no reversions *
You, be my supporter, I beg * unfit for other means or refuge *
With this fortitude I surrender squarely * to Kacchi Lord clearly * (5)

Five required components of total surrender has been mentioned here
Do what is pleasing to the Lord – Aanukulya sangalpam
Abstain from aversions – Praathikulya varjanam
Faith with no reversions – Maha viswaasam
Pray to be my supporter – Goptrutva varnamam
No oher means or none else as refuge – Kaarpanyam
With these five parts, I surrender my soul (Athma samarppanam) to the Lord at Kacchi.

Four types of surrender (Nishtai )

Realized and wise do themselves * recite after gurus are some *
Blessed and learned are included * nicely in their gurus’ in sum *
Those like to return the stolen * are in by a devotee of the cluster *
Whoever reaches His feet * Hastigiri Lord bless them with luster * (6)

Total surrender can be performed in one of the four ways
Self surrender (sva nishtai) -- Understand the componets of surrender and perform by reciting the mantras by themselves. ( This is one of the rarest nishtais and Swamy Nammazhwar was an example, who performed Sva Nishtai. Extremely difficult to follow )
By Acharyas (Ukthi nishtai) -- When one does not not have intricate knowledge on the components of surrender, but has a firm faith on the Lord and His protection attributes, he then accesses an Acharya and seeks their blessings. During the procedure, they repeat the mantras as told by Acharyas.
Within Acharyas (Aacharya nishtai) -- When Acharya does the surrender, all followers are included within that that request. ( This is the one which is followed in 99% of cases of Prapatti)
Thorough Devotee (Bhaagavatha nishtai) – Anyone who understands the body-soul relation and and aer willing to stop the act of stealing Atma from the Lord, he then approaches to a true devotee and is included in the group (Sri Vaishanva bhagavavathas) as one among them and is contained within the surrender of that devotee. ( Eg, This is followed in Abroad as accessing an Acharya isnt easy Abroad )

Lord of mercy at Kanchi, accepts anyone of these four surrenders and bless all. The fruit is equal in all these cases, and we need to follow our respective Acharya's to learn about the same.

Surrender done only once for only one effect

For those, at one time said surrender * and reached Your lotus feet *
Revealed asylum by hand sign * approving, for results that is complete *
Offered everything Yours and Yourself * You prosper still with splendor *
Luminescent Lord of Grace * I take refuge at Your feet and surrender * (7)

In the past, when the bhagawathas surrendered to You by enchanting required mantras, You with Your big heart accepted it as sufficient and sanctioned them with moksham. You have exposed the approval through Abahya mudra. For those who have surrendered, You gave everything you own and not being satisfied, gave Yourself to them. After giving out everything, You still look dazzling with your radiance. Such wonderful, God of mercy at Hastigiri, I surrender at Your lotus feet.
Conduct after surrender (Post Prapatti)

Not to slack on trust * for wisdom and devotion to grow robust *
Not to forget truth on past deeds * to know reality and its thrust *
Not to give up on humility * to act cool, patient for deliverance *
Forget not merciful Lord’s text * generous scripts and essence * (8)

How the surrendered should act in their rest of their life is explained here. Surrendered (Prappaannan) should always explore on Lord’s great words (Bhagawath Geeth and Pancharatra Sastra) and scripts (Vedas, Upanishad and rahasyas). In addition, he should pray the Lord ONLY for the following.

I pray to You Lord for
· Not to get diluted on my unshakeable faith on You and Your assurance
· To grow my knowledge (Gnjanam) stronger and complete
· Not to forget about truth due to my antecedents (Karma).
· To understand better the realities (Thathvam) and its powerful importance.
· Not to move away from my humble status (Adiyen)
· To award calm and cool nature on worldly matters and
· Patience for deliverance until You make the decision for the right time.

We should only pray for bhakti and jnanam, as other wordly things are immaterial and impermanent. The lord has awarded us with Supreme everlasting gift, which he shall confer without fail at the end of this life, as was requested by Acharyas during Prapatti

Duties after surrender

Holy words of audacious * who knew scripts and memory well *
Learned and found refuge * on enticing words of wise gurus *
With prudence on reality * implored and cut off the ignorance *
To sun and moon eyed Lord * I surrender without any reluctance * (9)

The duties of the surrendered are explained in this stanza. People who are audacious (Alzwars and others) who knew scripts (vedas), memorised (smruthis) very well and gave holy words (Naalayira Prabhamadham etc.). I found great happiness and refuge under the thought provoking ideas of gurus (Aachryas like Bhagawath Ramanuja, Swami Desikan). With the understanding of realities (Thathava threyam), I have removed ignorance (Agnjnam). With all those ideas imprinted in my mind, I pray to Lord at Hastigiri who has Sun and moon as His eyes.

Surrender – Dedication of the soul

He has Sree and His form is divine * is astute and easy to attain *
Endows all the eternal links * and rules the infinite domain *
Action to close, continue and create * He does with no alarm *
I fall like an arrow on target * of the graceful Lord with charm * (10)

Lord is not separated from his beloved consort Sri. He is easily accessible (Saulabya) to His devotees and is extremely knowledgeable (gjnam). He is always ready to shower his divine blessings to all. Everything in this universe is related to Him in an endless fashion. His empire spans everywhere and there is nothing outside of it. He is responsible for the duties like creation, operation and destruction. Such a Lord is analluring target. I fell like an arrow released from a bow into the target, merciful God.

Concluding Verse from Desika Prabhandam

Route and result are alike * for all enriched devotees of God *
Route and result are like * done once and enjoy many times *
Route and result are these * found on Hastigiri Lord’s feet *
Told these flawless ten with traits * shiny forever and sweet * (11)

All His devotees understand that the means (Uppayam) and ends (upaeyam) to reach the Lord and to enjoy Him are not different. Amazing feature in that is that the means are carried only once and for one purpose, whereas the enjoyment is many times and for ever. I have explored everywhere and found that this means (prapaati) and ends (moksham) are the only plausible solution in my life. With that conclusion, on Lord of Grace at Kacchi, these ten, error-free, with divine attributes stanzas had been written. They are faultless, sweet and they will shine for ever.

Sri Nigamantha Maha Desika TiruvadigalE SharaNam

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