Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Request to SreeVaishnavites....

A request to Dasharathi M S.

It surprises me often, when I see Srivaishnavites running after other dieties,demigods and believe in external miracles.

We should not approach anyone other than the Supreme - NarayaNa and his beloved devotees, for us being blessed being Srivaishnavites.

Its believed that no one is born as a Srivaishnavite, whereas its the SamashrayaNam which gives real birth to our Jiva ( Soul ) as a Srivaishnavite. Its not fair to blame ourselves, only fact is that we are bound by Agnyana which can be got rid of by the grace of the Lord. So people from all varnas can become Srivaishnavites by grace of Lord and Acharyas of present times, they indeed shall be equal in all respect to us, if they abide by this.

Let me quote a saying from MahOpanishad with states with extreme clarity as below : -

EkO ha vai nArAyaNa Aseeth na bhrahma nEshAnaha
nEmE dyAvA pruthivi na nakshatrANi na sUryaha

Meaning: Sriman Narayana existed, manifestly alone, the only purushA (Divinity incarnate), and neither Brahma nor Shiva, not the sky or the earth, not stars or the Sun.

To understand the glory of Sriman Narayana is beyond our senses. Inspite of it, as prescribed by our Acharyas and Alwars, please find the anology which gives you a slightest of slightest idea about the greatness of our Lord.

Let's begin the analogy by comparing greatness with the brightness. The greatness of all 33 crore gods/demigods/dieties ( Excluding NaryaNa and his consorts ) put together constitutes the brightness of a small lamp in front of NarayaNa's greatness which happens to be brightness of billions and billions of suns

I too was bound by the darkness of Agnyana and due to the grace of Lord, and all our previous Acharya's works and due to grace of my present acharya, have been coming out of it. After reading much about the Lord and his glory, this made me rush towards my Acharya on a fast track and completed SamashrayaNam and prapatthi, due to grace of the Lord.

To even believe these, you need the grace of the Supreme. One wont believe easily as they shall be bound by past-karmas and due to punyas acquired, they happen to meet a sadAcharya which takes them on right track. I was indeed lucky to be blessed, and am sure everyone shall be.

We need to understand that Surrendering ourself to the Lord is the duty of the Jiva in Kaliyuga, and from here on its the duty of NarayaNa to save us, as he is the sarvarakshaka and karuNasagara. Its NarayaNa's kartavya to protect us as he is glorified as Sharanagata-Rakshaka.
Have no doubts about it, these are the words of him during Ramavatara at the time of VibhishaNa sharanagathi : " It is my dharma to protect Sharanagathas, even if they pretend to act like sharanagathas, and even if such an act means danger to me, I shall abide by dharma and protect them "
Such is the assurance of our Lord being dharmapalaka, and he will surely save each and every one of us, provided we surrender with unassialable faith in him and his consorts ( Sridevi, Bhudevi and NeeLadevi ). He is satyavratan, satyapalakan and his words will never ever go empty.

During dwaparayuga, Arjuna kept flowers on feet of Shiva, and next morning could see them at the feet of Sri Krishna. This happened to continue wherever the flower was kept, and he finally realised the supreme by his grace. All phalans of the universe undoubtedly reaches NarayaNa.
Our purvacharya's used to equate phalans/boons received from other demigods/dieties with Narakanubhavam.

All other demigods will offer you what you ask without caring about dharma , and this will have a negative effect on you ( Like a sugar/honey coated poision ) . Its only our Lord who doesnt grant anything and grants everything based on your karmas at any instant and hence beholds Dharma at any cost. If at all he can grant anything immediately, it is moksha once you perform prapatti, because it is his duty as explained and even here he shines as Dharmapalakan.

When we speak of kaliyuga being bound by so much adharmas, we should also note that its the only Yuga which has seen more incarnations of NarayaNa's devotees than ever before, than any other yugas we know at present times. Ofcourse there has been innumerous yugas which have past and shall be in future.

Our purvacharyas say all of us, not to aim at Swarga at all. If one reaches Swarga, he stays there for short time and has to return back to earth upon exhaustion of merits acquired. The vivekees always relate Swargasukha with Narakadukha as both essentially are one and the same. We have to surrender to the Supreme and forget the rest as we are destined to reach the kingdom of Vishnu, the VaikunTa which is a blemishless place, where we shall stay forever.

I hope the above opened gates for you towards realisation, and its his grace which will carry you forward:

Sarvam SriKrishnarpaNamastu...


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Unknown said...

Jai Seeta Ram!

Namaskaarams sir!

With all due respect to your knwoledge and learning and the devotion to the lord Sriman Narayana!

I am a devotee of Sriman Narayana!

My point is here on the concern you have on people following other deities.I agree Sriman Narayana is never to be forgotten and to be prayed everyday and I beleive when Krishna says in Geetha that he is the God of Gods, however, I do not or rather I would say I am unable to agree that other Gods are not to be worshipped. Worshipping is basically respecting someone and definetly these Gods are superior powers.
For the following reasons I would say I think it is absoluteley fine and Narayana is going to be only pleased even if one prays to the other Gods;

1) Krishna himself says in Bhagavad Geetha that He is Shiva in Gods and Rama in warriors... and so on...
2) In Vishnu Purana he says he took the form of the Brahma and became the creator, he took the form of Shiva to become the destructur and he took the form of Vishnu to become the protector.
3) Lailitha Shasranaamam, part of the Brahmaanda Purana, is a dialougue between the Lord Hayagreeva ( incarnation of maha Vishnu ) and Agastya.

The above are just few examples from the great epics we have.

The above means it is either Narayana in everything and every form or he created every single God for a purpose and that is true. The names of these Gods are not created by some human beings. Therefore, every God is worth the prayers and worship and respect. I dont think they were all created to be ignored. Ishta devata could be any one of these and prayers to any of these Gods reaches Narayana.

This is my understanding from all the epics written by great sages who have lived and interacted with God himself.

Radhe Krishna!